Formatting your questions for importing
edHelper allows you to automatically import questions that you've written in other programs, such as Microsoft Word.

edHelper can import multiple choice questions, true/false questions, fill-in questions, and writing questions.
After you paste your text, edHelper will try to convert your questions. You'll be given a list of questions that edHelper was able to import, and you can pick which questions you'd like to be automatically copied to your quiz.

If edHelper is not able to do something with part of your text, that text will also be shown on the results screen. That way you'll quickly be able to see both the questions that can be imported and the text that edHelper didn't understand!

General Instructions
Questions MUST begin with a number followed by a period.
1. The question here
15. Another question
After your question, start a new line with Answer: followed by the text of the answer.
You can also use a star, *, instead of Answer:.
An example multiple choice question:

1. The study of the Earth is called _____.
A. meteorology
B. geology
C. Earth science
D. oceanography
Answer: C

An example fill-in question:
5. A(n) ____ question is one type of question supported by edHelper's quiz program.
*Multiple choice
An example writing question:
2. What feature do you like best about edHelper's quiz utility?
Answer: Being able to quickly print out multiple keys of my quiz.
For multiple choices, you can also use a * before a choice. You can either use Answer: or * for multiple choice questions. An example of using a * for the same multiple choice question above:
1. The study of the Earth is called _____.
A. meteorology
B. geology
* C. Earth science
D. oceanography

After the question, you can include choices (for multiple choice or true/false questions).
Each choice must start on a separate line.
The letter for the choice may be followed by either ) or a period.
You must start the choice with a LETTER not a NUMBER.

1. What is the main difference between a bar magnet and an electromagnet?
A. An electromagnet is a temporary magnet.
B. A bar magnet is a temporary magnet.
C. The strength of an electromagnet is always stronger than a bar magnet.
D. The strength of a bar magnet is always stronger than an electromagnet.
Answer: A

Fill In the Blank Question
To make a fill in the blank question, include an underscore in your question. You should have at least 3 or more underscores next to each other (for example: ___ or ____ or ________).
Your question can have 1 or more answers.

Here is an example of a fill in the blank question with two possible answers:

1. This is a  _____ question.
*not multiple choice

Writing Question
To make a writing question, just include your question.
1.  Do you prefer multiple choice or fill-in the blank questions?

2.  How do you setup answers before importing them to edHelper?

1. This is  _____ question.
*a fill-in
*not a multiple choice

2. Why do you think we need to have an import function?
Answer:Because it's an awesome feature.

3. The Earth scientist most likely to study super novas is a (n) ______.
A. meteorologist
B. astronomer
C. geologist
D. oceanographers
Answer: B

4. The newest branch of Earth science is ______.
A. environmental science
B. forensic science
C. plant science
D. lava science
Answer: A

5. The Earth scientist most likely to study El Ninős is a (n) _______.
A. geologist
B. astronomer
C. meteorologist
D. oceanographer
Answer: C

6. Scientific study of the Earth was recorded in (the) ______.
A. 780 BC in China
B. 200 BC in Greece
C. both A and B
D. 18th century with the invention of the microscope
Answer: C

7. Write the first step in preparing to import questions to edHelper.
Answer: First open your word processor and copy the text that you want to import.