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First Nine Weeks Homework      posted 08-14-2007

Language Homework First Nine Weeks

Week 1” Wang Yani”
Why do the monkeys in Wang yani’s paintinga act more like people than like real monkeys? Yani’s paintings show her imagineation. Often made up stories about monkeys as she painted them. Sometimes the Monkeys acted like Yani, her parents her brother, or other people. Them did playful or loveing human things.

Week 2 “Jackie Joyner-Kerssee”
jJackie Joyner-Kerssee was born in East St. louis, Illinois. Her family was poor but people in her community helped her become a great track star. She is very gratful to them people. After the 1988 Olympics she established a foundationto help children in East St. louis get involved in sports.

Week 3 ”John Henry”
Somestories about John Henry are very questionable but these facts could be true. John Henry was born in Tennesee or mississippi, and he helped build the Big Bend Tunnel. Probably weighed about 220 pounds. he must have been the stronger man in the entire world.

Week 4 ”Louis XIV”
King louis XIV loved to eat. More than three hundred servants prepared two enormous meals for he every day. A kitchen managger tasted each dish first to make sure it was safe. Supper might include forty dishes! Louis did not let anyone disturb his supper. He and his family eated in silence and members of the court watched quietly.

Week 5 “The Philippines”
About seventy different languages spoken in the Philippines. The nations two official languages are pilipino and English. In the first two years of elementary school, subjects are taught in a students native language. Then the teacher begins to teach English and pilipino. many high school classes uses English and university students must pass and English exam.

Week 6 “ How Animals Keep Cool”
Oct 10, 1993
dear Uncle Bobby
Do you know why an African elephant has such huge ears? We learned why today. The ears provides a way for body heat to escape, so them cool the animal. Please reeply to my letter soon!

Week 7 “ Rosa Parks”
Rosa parks did more than fight for a seat on a bus. Her protest began teh civil rights movement. Dr. Martin luther king, Jr. was teh leader of this movement. He gave inspiring speechs and leaded peaceful marchs. he demand justice for african americans.

Week 8 “ John Ciardi”
The Strangust Dream
Last evening I haved
teh strangust of dreams.
A jenuine anjel
was selling ice cream!
“How much for a cone
that’s fit for a king”
the reguster rand.
“Three golden harp strings.”

Week 9 “The Goose with the Golden Eggs”
in april me read teh story The Goose with the Golden eggs. It were in a book called Aesop’s Fables. Peopl tell many storys about Aesop. He may have been a greek slave, or he may have been an imaginary figur. Not every fable is from Greece. I’ve also read Indian fables, African fables, and Russian fables.

Geography Homework First Nine Weeks
Week 1:
1. What four states border Montana?
2. What is the only state that touches the western border of Oklahoma Panhandle?
3. What large body of water borders Oregon to the west?
4. What direction is Lake Superior from Lake Michigan?
5. What two continents have the Atlantic Ocean as their Western Border?

Week 2:
1. In what state is the great Salt Lake located?
2. If you are facing the North Pole, would east be to your left or to your right?
3. Which northeastern state forms a large cape into the Atlantic Ocean?
4. What river forms the border between Arizona and California?
5. What river forms the southern boundaries of Ohio and Indiana?

Week 3:
1. Locate the Gulf of Mexico on a map. Write the definition of a gulf.
2. How many states are there in the United States?
3. What body of Water connects Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean?
4. The three largest lakes in the world are the Caspian Sea, Lake Superior, and Lake Victoria. On which continent is each located?
5. What is the capital of the United States?

Week 4:
1. Name at least five countries that the Tropic of Cancer passes through?
2. What is the capital of Missouri, a state admitted to the Union in 1821?
3. What three countries in South America have the equator passing through them?
4. Which continent has the fewest number of nations?
5. how many continents does the equator cross? What are those continents in order of land area from largest to smallest?

Week 5:
1. What is the capital of the state whose southwestern border is Colorado and Eastern border is Iowa?
2. Is Central America part of the North or South American continent?
3. Which state is due north of Alabama?
4. Which of these is the name of a country: Chicago, Los Angeles, Canada, Miami?
5. Which continent is south of all other continents?
Week 6:
1. What is the relationship between a country and a state?
2. Where do many rivers begin to have their sources: oceans, mountains and/or lakes?
3. What is the difference between a bay and a peninsula?
4. How many of the fifty