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Quiz Maker Tour: Vocabulary

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You can use edHelper's Quiz Maker tool to create vocabulary quizzes with your own words.  Vocabulary quizzes may include matching the words with the definitions, multiple choice for the definitions, and fill-in the sentences with the right words.  

The Vocabulary tab has two options:

  • Vocabulary Words: Enter your words, one word per line, in any order.  

    As an edHelper subscriber, you might have saved word lists to make puzzle worksheets.  If so, you can also use your previously saved word lists to create vocabulary quizzes.  Select the word list you want, and click the copy vocabulary to quiz editor link to make a quiz.

  • Edit Definitions and Sentences: You can give your own definitions and sentences to words.  Or, you can search the database and use (or edit) the definitions and sentences from dictionaries or other teachers who use edHelper.

    Definitions and sentences are grouped by the sources.  Check the checkboxes for the definitions and/or sentences that you want to use.  Please note that edHelper does not review or edit the definitions and sentences written by edHelper users.

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