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The Quiz Online feature allows you to publish your quizzes online for students to take.  This feature is only available to members who subscribe to the everything package.

The everything package gives you complete access to all materials on edHelper.com, as well as a ClassBuilder membership.  ClassBuilder, brought to you by edHelper.com, is an online-based gradebook designed for K-12 teachers.  

To be able to post and take quizzes online, you must have set up at least one class with ClassBuilder.  You also need to have your class webpage created on ClassBuilder.  Student e-mail addresses will be required to allow students to log in to your webpage and take quizzes online.  Click here to learn more about ClassBuilder.  

The Quiz Online tab contains the following options:

  • Posted Quiz Options: Select the number of times a student can take the quiz and the scoring method.  If the quiz consists of questions using the vocabulary words, you can select the number of questions you want in the quiz.

  • Take/Review Quiz: Review the quiz that you are about to assign to classes.  You see what your students will see when they log in to your class webpage on ClassBuilder to take the quiz.

  • Assign to Classes: Select which classes you want to give the quiz to.  Specify the starting and expiration dates on when the quiz will be available online.

How students take quizzes online:
  1. Go to ClassBuilder.com.  Enter the class name and click the Login button to go to your class webpage.
  2. Click the Login Here link at the top of the page.  Students need to enter their class login email address and password to access their individual account.
  3. Once signed in, click the List Available Quizzes link and click on the name of the quiz to take it online.
  4. Students will answer one question at a time.  They can skip a question and go back to it, or change their answer once they have moved on to the next question by using the next question or previous question links.  Once the student has finished answering all the questions in the quiz, click the Submit Quiz to Teacher button.

How to view and grade submitted quizzes:
  1. To view individual student submissions for a quiz, begin in the Quiz Maker tool.
  2. Click the View Submitted Quizzes link.  Submissions will be listed in date order with the oldest first.
  3. By scrolling through the list of submitted quizzes, you can click on individual submissions and grade accordingly.
  4. All questions will be automatically graded except for fill-in and long essay or short answer questions.
  5. You can view a student's response and make comments.
  6. You can give partial credits for answers that are not complete or inadequate.
  7. Click the Save Graded Quiz button when finished.

How to view graded quizzes:
  1. To view graded quizzes, begin in the Quiz Maker tool.
  2. Graded quizzes are grouped by the name of the quiz.
  3. Select graded quizzes to view or print.

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