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The Tools tab contains the following options:
  • Backup Class Data: Regularly backing up data is important to prevent major losses of information.  Your data is stored in a secured server.  

    When you backup a class, we will assign a default name.  We recommend you use the default name because it contains the date of the backup.

    When you restore a class, it will NOT affect any of your existing classes.  The restored class will be added to all of your existing class data.

  • E-mail Passwords: Your gradebook can be accessed by students and parents.  You can enter up to three e-mail address in each student's profile -- one for a student and two for parents.  Each e-mail address will have an automatically assigned password.  To e-mail the login information, choose your recipient groups (students and/or parents), select classes, modify your message if you like, and hit send.  It's that easy.

  • E-mail Attendance Setup: Define who should receive the attendance information.  The default settings are to e-mail parents when students are absent, excused, or tardy.  You can also customize messages for each attendance code.

  • Import A CSV File: You can import student information into your ClassBuilder class.  Your file should have one student record per line and should be saved as simple text.  You can create such a file in most standard spreadsheet applications, such as Excel.  In Excel, save the file as "CSV (comma delimited)".

    For example, you have a file with 14 students.  Your file contains three columns -- last name, first name, and gender.  After you upload the file, we will ask you to define the field name of each column.  You can import student data to a new class or an existing class.  If you import into an existing class, the data will be added to the current data in the class, rather than overwriting it.

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